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We love hearing from happy customers about how McAdams has changed the lives of their pets. Since launching in 2016, we’ve received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram – thank you if you’ve left comments! Here’s just some of our favourites…

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His dry patches have totally cleared up

My dog Max has suffered often with dry patches on his skin. After many trips to the vets to get blood tests and antibiotics because of skin infections, we decided to try changing his diet. So after 3 weeks on McAdams it’s totally cleared up, he’s not itching, nor do we have any break outs. It would seem that the fillers added in his regular food have been causing the break outs, this is apparently a common problem. Also goes to show how healthy and pure McAdams is. As Keith Richards says, always afford the best you put into your body. All the best and thanks again.

Her coat is much shinier

I’ve tried thousands of a different brand all of which our fussy Pom Rocket turned her nose up to… Until McAdams! She is finally eating her crunchies and looking forward to her meals. Her coat is much shinier and it grows better, and no more tear eyes!

Happy with McAdams

Since changing onto your food Frankie’s coat is amazing, she really likes the food, Frankie was very fussy but after much stressing on our part she is happy with McAdams to our relief! Thanks for all your help, it feels good to know my baby girl is getting the best food and it’s local too! We will keep you guys posted of her progress!

Great quality food

Hello! When we got our 14 week Cocker Spaniel Tyr he was skinny, had a dull coat and was lethargic. But since he started on McAdams this is a thing of the past. He gets so excited when it’s dinner time and runs around my feet barking demanding his McAdams. Clearly I don’t give it to him quick enough! He loves his food so much he tries to sneak into the utility room so he can break into the bag when nobody is looking! I’ve just bought his second bag of food and will continue to feed him this great quality food.

No skin issues

Buddy is 7 years old, he only eats McAdams due to previous allergies. Buddy was really poorly from previous different foods; over grooming to the point his back leg was red raw. Since Pets Corner recommended McAdams he has no skin issues at all and no over grooming!

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