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Our Story

It started with a walk
in the Sussex countryside

One day, when I was out walking George, my labrador, we stumbled across a lovely free range chicken farm. Watching the chickens strutting around and pecking in the evening sun, it got me thinking – ‘why can’t pets enjoy food made with happy, high welfare meat?’ And that's when McAdams was born.

Hello! I’m Neil,
the founder of McAdams

I originally started experimenting with homemade dog food as George, my Labrador, was a super-fussy eater and had a delicate tum. I just couldn’t find anything in my local pet shop that was right for him. So, I began creating recipes at home in my kitchen with whole chicken, sweet potatoes and other vegetables – mincing and mixing the ingredients, then baking the mixture in my oven.

Today, our ovens are a lot bigger, but we still cook McAdams the same way – slowly, at a low temperature to lock in all the goodness, and ensure the food is delicious and easy to digest. We don't make kibble. We bake biscuits using only fresh meat. If your pet enjoys McAdams, we’d love to hear. Get in touch on social media, or email me at



Made from free range
British chickens

At McAdams, we only use British chickens in our recipes that have lived as free range hens, spending their days foraging in fields and woods, as nature intended.

They come from DEFRA Approved and RSPCA Assured farms that are regularly inspected for the highest welfare standards, ensuring our birds are well cared for throughout their lives.


Only sold by specialist
stores we trust

It’s important that pet owners receive nutritional advice that’s tailored for their dog or cat’s needs. That's why McAdams is only sold in specialist stores who’ve received nutritional training from us. You’ll never find our range in supermarkets or online sites where training can’t be guaranteed.

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