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We love hearing from happy customers about how McAdams has changed the lives of their pets. Since launching in 2016, we’ve received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram – thank you if you’ve left comments! Here’s just a few of our favourites…

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High quality diet

I’ve worked in the veterinary world for 20 years and seen the importance of a high-quality diet to a dog’s health and wellbeing. McAdams is simply the best pet food on the market. I always recommend it to new puppy owners and love that it’s 100% free range and cruelty free.

Freddie thinks it's great for treats too!

Excellent food – Freddie has never cleaned his bowl until he ate McAdams. Slow roasted and air dried makes all the difference, he loves it as his diet but also as treats too.

Top quality ingredients

My dog literally cries for this food when she smells it! She will only do this for chicken or raw meat, which to me demonstrates how good the food is. It’s so refreshing to see that animal welfare is considered across the board, using free range chicken and top quality ingredients. I’d love to work with you guys at some point, your ethos and brand is spot on!

Dolly licked her bowl clean in minutes

Our little Lhasapoo Dolly has just tried McAdams small breed food for the first time today. She woofed it down & licked the dish clean in minutes! Fantastic to finally find a healthy dog food with no nasties that she loves, thank you!

Can't keep his paws off

Purrrfect food! Harry’s biscuits arrived today and he cannot keep his paws off it; there is just a slight problem, I’ve had to make space in a high up cupboard so he can’t reach it. Harry is very persistent and has learnt to open the door, hence its high up. So, its 10/10 for McAdams dog and cat food, thank you!

Proper meat and ethically sourced

We LOVE McAdams, it’s an amazing food. We love that you don’t use meat meal but proper meat and you’re ethically sourced. Rosie is a fussy eater but LOVES McAdams!
Grace, Daisy Rosie.jpg

Charlies tummy is much better

Charlie our cavachon puppy is getting on really well with his McAdams food. He eats every meal, the kibble size makes him eat nice and slowly and he loves it. He licks the bottom of the bowl once he’s finished. We have 3 small meals a day and today bought the bigger 5kg bag after success with the smaller box! Charlie’s tummy is also so much better. I’m really supportive of the ethics and the way that the McAdams food is prepared.

Archie has got his appetite back

We bought our Norfolk Archie his first box yesterday and he can’t get enough of it!! Thank you for seemingly filling a hole in the market for such high quality food, which has made our dog very happy, he’s got his appetite back!

Eight satisfied Papillons

My eight Papillons love this food. I purchase it from the Superpet Warehouse in Preston and the guys in there recommended it to me. I’m glad they did. I have a very tiny Papillon puppy who has a heart condition and he has shown huge improvements since switching to this food. As for the other seven Papillons, their coats are noticeably sleeker and they have far more energy and seem to be more alert. Fantastic product which I have recommended to many others.

Honey and Dexter both love McAdams

Hello McAdams, my name is Honey the dog and here is my story…I am a 12 year old rescue staffie and in my aging my injuries have caught up with me. Since nothing else has worked the vet said ‘a life of Meticam for me!’ – it was helping but it did make me sleepy. We tried Green Lipped Mussel too, that was a bit strong and affected my urine. We popped to our local garden centre where I was recommended McAdams’ food to try alongside my current diet. 6 weeks later – and my housemate Dexter (he’s a Pug / Jack Russel) is now eating it too, we both love it – it tastes great! Dexter has a good tummy and I feel better. A BIG thank you to you all for helping two dogs instead of just one…although I would prefer to not share – but don’t tell Dexter!!

Vinnies coat is silky smooth

My Vinnie loves his McAdams. Before McAdams, his coat felt dry but after only a week it changed to silky smooth, I couldn’t believe it. Vinnie is 7 months old now and he is super. This pic was taken about 2 months ago, I thought it showed off his beautiful coat so sent it to you. The main reason I switched his food was because he was struggling as a pup to gain any weight/muscle – he looked so bony over the hips. The change in texture to his fur was an added bonus I wasn’t expecting and of course it sorted out his body mass too. I loved the fact you could feed it to pups as well as adults and he has thrived on it!

One happy dog! Thank you!

Just re-homed a 14 year old Golden Retriever who is under weight, so it’s important to us to get her in good condition. I’ve introduced McAdams slowly and she loves it. With the previous dry food, I had to add water to help her eat it, but with yours she ate it dry. One happy dog! Thank you!

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