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We love hearing from happy customers about how McAdams has changed the lives of their pets. Since launching in 2016, we’ve received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram – thank you if you’ve left comments! Here’s just some of our favourites…

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From RAW to McAdams

My miniature dachshund Red is a little fussy with his food, he ate Nutriment (raw food) when he was a puppy and seemed to really enjoy it at first. However, when he was about 10 months old he was really poorly and ended up at the vets on a drip due to dehydration. I had a very worrying time and I believe that he was affected by food. I made the decision following this to take him off raw food and find something that he really enjoyed. This has taken quite a few different foods: a quantity of which, ended up at the local dog rescue centre! Red is now on McAdams and really enjoys it! I split the daily amount between his two meals – morning and evening – and that seems to work for him. His teatime food is getting earlier and earlier though, I think he wears a watch sometimes!

He still loves his McAdams

I’ve struggled to find a food that Scamp likes for more than a week, but 4 months on and he still loves his McAdams!

She’s very fussy, but she loves McAdams

Nellie is a Shih Tzu, they’re well known for being challenging eaters, her vet tells me that she’s bang on the ideal weight and to carry on feeding with McAdams, she’s very fussy, but she loves McAdams!

Well done McAdams

My cockapoo Lulu is a very fussy eater, refusing treats, leaving food and after sampling nearly every dried food in the shop she finally enjoys McAdams Chicken biscuits! Chosen because of the no additives it’s a great find, we moved to Spain last year and I loaded the car with boxes and I stock up whenever I come home. Now back in UK there are no local suppliers so have ordered online – GREAT service. Well done McAdams!

Not fussy anymore

Hi my name is Honey and I’ve been eating McAdams for two years. I want to say I love it and thank you, I used to be fussy when it came to choosing my food, but I love McAdams in all flavours!

Recommended for all fussy dogs

This passes the taste test with ease! It smells amazing too. I recommend this food to fussy dogs and discerning pet parents!

A wonderful product

This is Tonto our 12 month old Bearded Collie, he was very fussy about his food and was not gaining weight as he should. We tried him on McAdams, he loved it and at last is starting to get to the weight he should be. Thank you for a wonderful product!

World's fussiest dog impressed

Just a quick email to say thank you so much for making your new wet dog food – I’m happy to say that Harvey absolutely loves it! Harvey has got to be the world’s fussiest dog, so I’m really impressed that he devoured your new food without me having to grovel on the floor trying to tempt him to eat it (that wouldn’t have been the first time either)! I’ve already told all my friends that it’s now in the shops and I’ve also told them that Harvey loves it; that alone is recommendation enough for them (his reputation precedes him!). Well done, McAdams…you’ve done it again!

Bowls empty every time

My two Chihuahuas Boris and Chinto, who are super fussy & snooty, are appreciating these new shaped McAdams baked biscuits even more. Bowls empty every time!
Boris & Chinto

Thriving on this amazing food

My little ladies are so happy there is a small super tasty kibble now available for tiny paws, they are thriving on your amazing food, and they are very picky eaters. It took us a very long journey through the pet food market jungle, finally we found the best ever, super healthy food they adore. Thank you McAdams!

Finally happy

Frankie loves his McAdams, he’s usually fussy but finally happy!

Looks forward to dinner time again

After much excitement and bouncing all over the kitchen, she kept still just long enough to take this picture! Pyjamas was always the first to finish her dinner but after losing both her mum and her sister in the last year her eating habits completely changed and we got worried, now we have a licked clean plate after every meal and she looks forward to dinner time again.

Loves his new food

My poor parents have been stressing out because I wouldn’t eat. What can I say… I am picky and I know what I like. I loooove my new food from McAdams!

Best kibble ever

‘Pleeeeease let us have it!’ – using every ounce of their self control! We’ve got a couple more fans, meet Hugo and Dylan (Pugaliers) and Luna (Cavalier and previously known as the fussiest pup ever). As I previously mentioned having been recommended this brand in the Camberley Pets Corner I can not recommend highly enough and all our family dogs 100% agree. Best kibble ever!
Hugo, Dylan & Luna

Always asks for more

Very pleased to see my little boy eating again. He went off his puppy food and wasn’t keen on the diet I’d moved him to. It was really distressing seeing him turn his nose up at anything I tried him on. I was recommended McAdams so tried it and he loves it, even asks for more when he’s finished. He’s full of energy since he started eating McAdams and it’s lovely to see him so sprightly and happy on his walks. I like the fact that McAdams is natural and uses free range products – only the best for my boy! Thanks McAdams…Eddie says yum yum!

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