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We love hearing from happy customers about how McAdams has changed the lives of their pets. Since launching in 2016, we’ve received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram – thank you if you’ve left comments! Here’s just some of our favourites…

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Delicious Dry Food

I have just had my first bowl of your DELICIOUS Dry Food and I ate the WHOLE lot in one go. My parents are super impressed as they were getting worried I wasn’t eating enough of my previous dry food, but they are really proud and happy with me. Thank you!

Dexter just wasn’t over enthusiastic... Now he can't get enough!

Dexter (my year-old Cavachon), moved on to McAdams a month a go after yo-yoing with Canagans. Canagans is a great food but Dexter just wasn’t over enthusiastic about his dinner, so I tried McAdams and OMG, he still can’t get enough: he LOVES it! Also, I love the fact that I don’t have to sprinkle horse bran on his food anymore to help anal gland issues from occurring. Am finally so happy and wanted to share this. I will be spreading the word! Thank you!

You can tell the difference – appearance, smell and texture

This is Willow, our cockapoo. She is the fussiest eater I know. We have tried everything but never found anything she really truly likes… until we found McAdams and she loves it!!! You can tell the difference – appearance, smell and texture. The minute she sees the box she sits with her two front paws up ‘begging’ for her McAdams.

Schnitzel is a very happy puppy and has lots of energy to play

Meet Schnitzel our adorable 4 month old mini Schnauzer. As all dog owners know Schnitzel’s health and happiness is our top priority, so when we were struggling to find food he liked a friend recommended we try McAdams and we haven’t looked back! He absolutely loves it – whether it’s with some warm water or nice and crunchy – he eats every last bit. Schnitzel is a very happy puppy and has lots of energy to play and that makes us very happy. Thanks McAdams!

The first kibble he will eat without mixing it with fresh meat

Hey. This is Maxwell Von-grousi… the most spoilt Dachshund there is… I have tried every leading brand kibble on the market… at over £100.000 p/kg was even importing it from New Zealand… I bought a box to try from Woburn Pets Corner in frosts garden centre… and this is the first dry kibble Maxwell will eat without it being mixed with fresh chicken or fish… the usual procedure to get him to eat. He wolves this down … absolutely loves it. As a breed prone to back and joint issues I have been neurotic his whole life insuring he gets a balanced healthy meal adding everything from coconut oil to almond butter to his kibbles. However, with McAdams it’s all in one box. Of course he still gets a little fresh meat or Salmon but rather as a treat than ensuring the meal is nutritionally correct for him. Some more flavours would be nice… beef or lamb would go down a treat or even a Salmon. As a very active dog who as most small dogs do, thinks he is a much bigger one, his diet is fundamental to his health and wellbeing I’m confident that with McAdams this is one less thing to have to worry about.

He gobbles his food up as if it were fresh chicken

I just wanted to say what a wonderful dog food the free range Chicken (medium) dog food is, I had tried my Cockapoo Alfie on several premium dog foods and after about 7 days he would start turning his nose up, I know people say if they are hungry enough they will eat their food but frankly I did want Alfie to enjoy his kibble, and he now does I can’t tell you how delighted I am, he gobbles his food up as if it were fresh chicken…I had almost given up on kibble and was considering giving Alfie a raw food diet so thank you so much for saving me from that! A very grateful owner! Well done guys and please don’t change the recipe….

She won't eat anything else

My beautiful dog Florence will only eat your brand of dog food. Enough said.

Thank you for a fantastic product!

Our spoiled Dogs Cookie and Tana are very fussy eaters. They are used to a diet of fresh meats and vegetables; dry food is usually left in their bowls. When we opened McAdams for small breeds we were met not by the typical bland smell of other dry foods, but of natural flavours, of quality. Our dogs must have noticed this aroma too, as they took no time in emptying their bowls of it! Suffice to say McAdams is the only dry dog food we buy now. Thank you for a fantastic product!

Monty licks the bowl clean

Monty absolutely loves his McAdams and licks the bowl clean every night! We had terrible trouble feeding him other brands of dog food, which he would often leave in the bowl. He devoured McAdams with gusto! Many thanks on a super quality food for dogs!

Great for fussy dogs

Your food is the only premium we’ve tried that she will continue to eat.

From RAW to McAdams

My miniature dachshund Red is a little fussy with his food, he ate Nutriment (raw food) when he was a puppy and seemed to really enjoy it at first. However, when he was about 10 months old he was really poorly and ended up at the vets on a drip due to dehydration. I had a very worrying time and I believe that he was affected by food. I made the decision following this to take him off raw food and find something that he really enjoyed. This has taken quite a few different foods: a quantity of which, ended up at the local dog rescue centre! Red is now on McAdams and really enjoys it! I split the daily amount between his two meals – morning and evening – and that seems to work for him. His teatime food is getting earlier and earlier though, I think he wears a watch sometimes!

He still loves his McAdams

I’ve struggled to find a food that Scamp likes for more than a week, but 4 months on and he still loves his McAdams!

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