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We love hearing from happy customers about how McAdams has changed the lives of their pets. Since launching in 2016, we’ve received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram – thank you if you’ve left comments! Here’s just some of our favourites…

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Recommended for dogs with digestive issues

My dog Maisie and I met you a few weeks ago at Pets Corner in Bath. You said to send you an email to say how she was getting on with your food. I’m pleased to say she is doing very well. She has various digestive problems and is on permanent medication so I had been looking for a new food. that would be good for her. She has now been eating your food for a couple of months and is doing well. We were on holiday in Devon recently and as you can see from the photo she had plenty of energy for playing on the beach! It is great to see her doing well. Whilst there we visited a pet shop who were soon to be stocking your food. A lady was asking about food for her dog with digestive problems so I recommended your food!

Much improved digestion

I was recommended McAdams due to my Bear having a bad stomach with runny poos; they are getting on so well with McAdams, so pleased, and with solid poos – thank you!

A happy french bulldog

We just wanted to send our appreciation to McAdams’ dog food. Bella is our first French Bulldog, and we absolutely love her but we had a lot of trouble finding the right food. Her stool was not picture perfect but it seemed to have worked and we knew no different, after about 6 months we decided to change her food. When we went to Scampers in Soham, they introduced us to McAdams and after finding out it provided both Salmon and Chicken, we immediately went for it. Only about a week or two into feeding her McAdams, we have already noticed a difference in her stool and coat. We are very thankful to have been introduced to McAdams and look forward to a great service with your company. Again, thank you!

Not a morsel left

Tobias Bumblebee 13 (ginger) & Digley-Do 3 (black) both love their new diet. They tried a 2kg bag and loved it. Digley has been rubbing his muzzle after eating his old diet and within 2 days of eating McAdams he no longer does! So a 10kg order was placed that arrived this morning – not a morsel is left in their bowls now!

No more gastro-issues

We had months of gastro issues, McAdams (and Pets Corner in Nailsea) made the puggies fit and well again. Their coats are lovely and soft and they both look in great condition (and the carpets look better too now the gastro probs are over)!

A happy terrier

I just had to write in to tell you that we have had a real struggle finding a dog food that my two year old Boston Terrier is happy with. Loki is the fussiest eater in the world and this is partly due to his sensitive tummy. We live in Hove and when my sister told me about a local company making healthy dog food we had to try it. McAdams has transformed Loki’s eating habits. He absolutely loves the chicken for small breeds and our troubles with eating our behind us. Thank you so much!

Eats all her food and loves it

Just wanted to say thank you, my GSD puppy has been on a bit of a struggle with food, her toilets have been like water, she's got a sensitivity to grain, so we were recommended McAdams and within 5 days the difference in her – she's alert, she eats all her food and loves it, her coat is shiny… thank you, your food has helped me with a super happy puppy again!

Immediate improvement

Spud had his gentleman’s operation about 10 days ago, following the general anaesthetic the vet advised he should be put on a light, bland diet. Being a responsible and sensible guardian, thats exactly what I did with special tinned recovery food and as the days progressed and I became more desperate, chicken and rice or chicken and potato. All I can say is that the digestive disruption to my poor dog had to be seen to be believed; it was beyond unpleasant for all of us. I spent 4 nights on the sofa, as he had to be let out almost hourly even during the night – my son’s carpet will never be quite the same, the actual grass was actually washed about five or six times a day with washing up liquid and then hosed down. After a week of this torment and with no end in sight, I just put him back on McAdams the disruption stopped with immediate effect, his digestion returned to normal immediately and my lovely but bonkers Spaniel started running about as only a Spaniel can, he recovered more quickly than the carpet, the grass or I will!! I think that just proves that a bland diet is not necessarily the right one, that McAdams is just tops and I was reminded how thankful I was to find you! Excellent food, excellent service!

No sign of digestive problems

Our springer Ben enjoying his breakfast of McAdams chicken and salmon. He loves it. Strangely, when he was younger he couldn’t tolerate chicken and we’ve avoided it ever since. I liked the sound of McAdams and tried it. It suits him great and no sign of any digestive problems at all.

Recommend it to everyone

Our Black Labrador Coco is 2 years old and since she was a puppy we had been feeding a well-known high quality, high meat and no grain food; but recently due to a supplier and recipe change she had been having major diarrhoea and bloody stools. We spent lots of money trying different brands which caused the same issues. We took her to the vets who prescribed a probiotic which didn’t help, so we decided to speak to Pets Corner who recommended your food. Within 24 hours she was 100% better and we haven’t looked back since. We continue to use the wet and dry and would not feed her any other food and recommend it to everyone. I appreciate all the effort you have put into making such an amazing food.

All her tummy issues have gone

Poppy has never been better than since we moved her on to McAdams, all her previous tummy issues have gone, her coat is soft and shiny and she clears her bowl.

Suits their tummies

We have tried lots of different kibble, but have settled on McAdams because it suits their tummies and they love it.
Uno, Bella & Pickles

Sensitive tummy

Balor is a 7 month old Labrador Retriever, it was evident from early days that he had a sensitive tummy. We tried a few different foods, with little success. We thought we had found one that he was tolerating, but sadly it didn’t suit him either. We then decided to give McAdams a go as it’s baked, not extruded and therefore easier to digest and an all-round great quality food. So far, he is doing really well; he has gained weight (which was needed), he isn’t itchy and he hasn’t had any issues with his digestion either and bonus – he loves it!

Perfectly balanced diet

It has taken lots of research to find the food we want to feed our Rottweiler there are so many things on the market we tried them all but constantly loose stools, not any more thanks to you guys McAdams is absolutely perfect, we love the ingredients; providing a perfectly balanced diet, and Rea loves it. Thank you McAdams for creating such a wonderful product!

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