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We love hearing from happy customers about how McAdams has changed the lives of their pets. Since launching in 2016, we’ve received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram – thank you if you’ve left comments! Here’s just some of our favourites…

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Extra tasty and ethical

Eddy & Miko have sensitive tummies, so McAdams food is really good for us. It’s extra tasty and ethical too. Whats not to love?!

Balor isn't itchy, is a healthier weight and has no more digestive issues

Balor is a 7 month old Labrador Retriever, it was evident from early days that he had a sensitive tummy. We tried a few different foods, with little success. We thought we had found one that he was tolerating, but sadly it didn’t suit him either. We then decided to give McAdams a go as it’s baked, not extruded and therefore easier to digest and an all-round great quality food. So far, he is doing really well; he has gained weight (which was needed), he isn’t itchy and he hasn’t had any issues with his digestion either and BONUS - he loves it!

She is a totally changed little dog

Poppy is my 2 year old Shih Tzu and food has always been an issue for her little tummy and digestive system! She was constantly hungry, constantly going for a poo, very fidgety and uncomfortable. I wrote to Neil McAdam regarding Poppys digestive problems, and he telephoned me personally and explained how McAdams only uses whole British Free Range Chicken in their food along with many other aspects of their food and its benefits. I started Poppy on McAdams the same day, she loved it, rejected her old food, and her tummy is completely normal again. She is a totally changed little dog. She does not appear to be hungry all the time, she is peaceful and settled and her coat is glorious. I can’t thank McAdams enough for making me and Poppy so happy!

He's never been a foody... now he's asking for dinner!

Words can not express my amazement at this food. My boy has always had gastro issues, we now have a good medicine to help him, but he has never been a ‘foody’. Since starting this brand he has been asking for dinner! Amazing!

Within a month there has been such an improvement

I’m the owner of an 8 month old, Old English Sheepdog and I was struggling to find a dog food because the majority of “good quality” food gave him an upset stomach but this food is amazing. Within a month there has been such an improvement and he loves it! Would recommend it to everyone.

It has been fantastic on his stomach. No issues at all

Amazing to think that just 3 weeks ago this gorgeous boy couldn’t chew. He was fed a nasty “liquid diet” in his laboratory life for 3 years. I was warned his stomach maybe very sensitive to other food but as my other dog is on McAdams I thought I would try. After sitting on the floor hand feeding him, he slowly began to chew little pieces! This food breaks so easily for him and it has been fantastic on his stomach. No issues at all. 3 weeks on he is eating perfectly from the bowl! I cannot rate your product enough! Thank you!!! One happy Harry.

No upset tummy and thus far no itchy ears

Lily has a compromised immune system and suffers from allergies. We decided to move Lily to McAdams due to the quality of its ingredients and healing properties. She loves it, no upset tummy and thus far no itchy ears, with the added bonus of not getting hyper after eating and no more thunder runs round the house!

Her IBS is 100 times better

Lola and Paws love their food so much! Lola was being sick everyday and has a form of IBS, Paws never kept his weight on. They have now been on McAdams for over a year since the first trails, Lola has not been sick and her IBS is 100 times better. Paws is maintaining a healthy weight now and as you can see they still love it! HUGE thank you McAdams!

Great for sensitive tummies

After months of sensitive tummy, eyes and ear issues – we have found the food that works for Monty! Thank you McAdams and thanks to Gemma at Take the Lead for the recommendation! You’ve saved us money on our vet bills which were growing and growing.

The best food I’ve ever known

This is Rambo – he tried McAdams when he was 7 months. It’s the only dry food I have found that he never leaves and he gets on so well with. As he has a sensitive stomach I’ve struggled so much in trying to find him a food he gets on with and McAdams is it!! It is the best food I’ve ever known and Rambo loves it! Ive also met Neil McAdam and I’ve never met someone so passionate about a food and I can understand why. I can’t say enough how amazing this food is. I recommend it very highly!

No more digestive issues

I am amazed at how fast your food has helped my dog. My Poppy has digestive problems, always has for pretty much her entire life. For the last 6 months she has kept on losing weight. I have tried many grain free dry foods because she’s allergic to rice. But after a few days she’d be ill again and it’ll last a couple of weeks. Each vet test comes back negative and so we alongside with the vets cannot workout the cause. On Wednesday the order arrived and on Thursday we got told Poppy had lost weight again, but only 5g. But she was on steroids so she shouldn’t still be losing. Today I noticed how much better she looks. How playful she is again – so I thought I’d weigh her…she’s gained 600g! All I can say is try and get your food more known because it’s FANTASTIC!

The difference in Jack is immense

Jack’s just passed his 10th birthday and for years he has suffered with digestive issues. I have tried many different types of foods and generally all have failed. It was just a case of seeing what he’d tolerate best. However, after a visit to Pets Corner I was introduced to McAdams and after using it the difference in Jack is immense. Very rarely now does he have any digestive issues and he just loves it! Highly recommended by this terrier!

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