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We love hearing from happy customers about how McAdams has changed the lives of their pets. Since launching in 2016, we’ve received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram – thank you if you’ve left comments! Here’s just some of our favourites…

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Both our rescues have renewed vigour

Our two rescue dogs have renewed vigour since we switched to McAdams. Maddie, an akita/American-mastiff cross, was losing muscle and weight, but thankfully we’ve reversed this trend on a McAdams diet. Her fur is also growing back quickly after an operation over 18 months ago and she’s now really playful. I wouldn’t go back to their old food for all the tea in China. It’s such a good product!
Maddie & Cookie

The vet said his health was superb

After taking Alfie, our two and a half year-old cocker spaniel, for his yearly booster and check up, I was given a pat on the back for his general condition. His coat, teeth, weight and general wellness was apparently superb! What did I feed him on? I told them McAdams since he was seven months old! Thank you from Alfie and I – your food is the best.

Frankie always finishes her allowance

I thought I’d update you on Frankie’s eating since she started her new bag and flavour, despite my initial reservations. Even in this heat, she eats with a lot less encouragement than her old food and always finishes her allowance. I mix McAdams Chicken & Scottish Salmon and McAdams Free Range Chicken and she eats it all in one go. Thank you for your advice. McAdams is a very welcome change in our house!

A wonderful alternative to raw

It’s official. Bonnie is a McAdams girl for life! After a month on a raw diet, things weren’t the same. Her poop wasn’t as firm and she was reactive and barking a lot. We put her back on McAdams and she’s much more chilled and happy. Raw diets have worked for many dogs we know, but it just wasn’t for her. Thank you McAdams for creating a wonderful alternative!

His coat is so much glossier

I just want to say thank you. After changing to McAdams when my boy was very poorly, he’s now enjoying all his meals, putting healthy weight back on each week and his coat is so glossy. He’s ten, loving life and showing massive progress! I’ll be recommending McAdams.

Amazing changes in our dog

We switched to McAdams about a year ago and saw amazing changes in our dog within days. His digestion improved, he was more energetic and now he always gets compliments for his coat, which looks like velvet. It’s the best product on the market and the customer service is impeccable. Thank you McAdams.

She’s very fussy but loves your food

[Body] Daisy Mae, my shih tzu, loves your baked kibble. Her teeth are tiny – about one eighth of an inch –  yet eats it like a horse. She’s very fussy and we’ve tried many foods, but she really likes her McAdams as it’s a smaller size and more digestible. Thank you for making my life easier and my dog’s life a whole lot better!
Daisy Mae

Pele is thriving on McAdams

My cavapoo is thriving on your food! I struggled with Pele’s diet for a while, but since changing to McAdams, he’s had no issues with his tummy and weight. He loves the flavour, too! I’ve also converted his doggy day care centre, who now only feed their client’s dogs with it. Thank you for making a dog and dog owner very happy!

Storm guards her bowl!

Storm’s breeder was adamant that she wouldn’t and couldn’t eat anything other than Royal Canin Mother & Babycat and Animonda, as Bengal cats have “tummy issues”. After transitioning away from her old food, which she didn’t enjoy and lost a lot of weight, Storm now loves McAdams and guards her food bowl because she doesn’t want the other cats stealing it!

Absolutely perfect

It’s taken lots of research to find the perfect food for our pup. There are so many products on the market – often the marketing seems better than the food itself. McAdams is absolutely perfect. We love the ingredients that create a balanced diet, the brand values and (more importantly), Shelby LOVES it. Thank you McAdams for creating such a wonderful product!

Quality nutrition

Despite championing raw feeding, it’s not practical or desirable for every lifestyle, so I recommend McAdams to new puppy owners. I also use McAdams when I can’t access raw food, for example, when we’re travelling. When our mums have puppies, they often prefer dry food. The dogs can chop and change to McAdams quite comfortably with no tummy upsets, which is testament to its exceptional quality!

Easy to digest

McAdams is our favourite dog food. It’s small and easy to digest, but also has the best ingredients. We wouldn’t recommend anything else!

High quality diet

I’ve worked in the veterinary world for 20 years and seen the importance of a high-quality diet to a dog’s health and wellbeing. McAdams is simply the best pet food on the market. I always recommend it to new puppy owners and love that it’s 100% free range and cruelty free.

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