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We love hearing from happy customers about how McAdams has changed the lives of their pets. Since launching in 2016, we’ve received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram – thank you if you’ve left comments! Here’s just some of our favourites…

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Proper meat and ethically sourced

McAdams is an amazing food. We like that you use proper meat that’s ethically sourced and doesn’t contain any meat meal. Rosie is a fussy eater but LOVES it!

Charlie's tummy is much better

Charlie, our cavachon puppy, is getting on really well with his McAdams and loves it. He eats every meal, the kibble size makes him eat nice and slowly, and his tummy is so much better. Charlie licks the bottom of the bowl once he’s finished. I’m really supportive of McAdams’ ethics and the way your food is prepared.

Archie got his appetite back

We bought Archie, our Norfolk terrier, his first box of McAdams yesterday and he can’t get enough of it!! Thank you for seemingly filling a hole in the market for such high quality food, which has made our dog very happy. He’s got his appetite back!

Eight satisfied Papillons

My eight papillons love this food. The guys at Superpet Warehouse in Preston recommended it to me. I’ve a very tiny papillon puppy who has a heart condition and he’s shown huge improvements since switching to your food. As for the other seven, their coats are noticeably sleeker and they’ve far more energy! McAdams is fantastic and I’ve told many others about it.

Honey and Dexter love McAdams

My name’s Honey. I’m a 12-year-old rescue staffie and in my old age, my injuries have caught up with me. After nothing worked, my vet said it would be “a life of Metacam” for me! – it helped but made me sleepy. Michelle and I popped to our local garden centre where we were recommended McAdams. I’m feeling much better now. Shame I have to share it with my housemate Dexter!

Vinnie's coat is silky smooth

My Vinnie loves McAdams. His coat used to feel dry, but only after a week of switching to McAdams it became silky smooth. I couldn’t believe it. I changed his food because he was struggling as a pup to gain any weight and muscle – he looked so bony over his hips. The change in his fur texture was an added bonus I wasn’t expecting and McAdams also sorted out his body mass. He’s thrived on it!

One happy dog! Thank you!

I’ve just re-homed a 14-year-old golden retriever who is underweight, so it’s important for us to get her in good condition. I’ve introduced McAdams slowly to her diet and she loves it. With the previous dry food, I had to add water to help her eat it, but with yours she eats it dry. One happy dog! Thank you!

Trying McAdams and loving it

Ruby has lots of allergies and it’s been hard finding her a suitable food. She’s been on holistic and raw diets and has struggled, but she’s currently on McAdams and loving it.

Top of its class and great for joints

Fellow doggy friends, please give McAdams a try. You won’t be disappointed and your dogs will be truly thankful. This food is top class and the only one that my dog really likes. It’s made with free range chicken, rather than meat meal, and green-lipped mussels that are great for joints. It comes in three different kibble sizes and doesn’t make their poop smell, which must be because it’s full of natural ingredients.

Ruby's epilepsy is much better

The best food around! Our two dogs, Dexter and Ruby, both love McAdams. Ruby sadly has epilepsy but she’s much better after being fed on it.
Dexter & Ruby

Improved coat and digestive health

Our two goldendoodle pups, Bernard and Alfie, have thrived after being introduced to McAdams by the team at Pets Corner Morganstown in Cardiff. We now also feed it to our eldest dog, Oscar, a Polish lowland sheepdog. The difference is remarkable – his coat looks brighter and healthier, his digestion system has improved drastically and he’s far sprightlier. On walks, he now overtakes the pups rather than looking like the old boy!

My three dogs absolutely LOVE it!

A wonderful dog food! I’m so pleased that I discovered McAdams. My three dogs absolutely LOVE it! There’s my puppy Ron, an old English sheepdog; Daisy, a Tibetan terrier; and George, my miniature schnauzer who has a predisposition to pancreatitis. At last, I’ve found a food that’s healthy and made with chickens that are free range and have had a happy life. I look forward to receiving my first bag of many from online!

Can't recommend it enough

We feed McAdams to our two fussy King Charles spaniels and have also started Peanut, our new puppy, on McAdams Small Breed. All my girls love it. After having initial concerns, Neil from McAdams phoned and gave support – thank you so much. We can’t recommend the company, service and food enough! Please don’t change anything too much as the personal service and attention to detail is what makes it so special.

Love the effect on his temperament

We saw a positive change in our rescue pup’s behaviour after switching to McAdams and it’s particularly noticeable if we have to substitute a different food for a day or two – he becomes more highly strung. Now we have a repeat order, so we never run out! We’re so glad our dog trainer recommended McAdams. Our pup loves the chicken and salmon flavour and we love the effect it’s had on his temperament.

A brand that can be trusted

We love that McAdams is only made with free range meat and vegetables and doesn’t contain any meat meal or additives as Archie, our beagle, has some allergies. He can’t have potatoes either. Poor little guy – this food is such a treat for him because it means we can spoil him with quality tasty food that other ‘normal’ dogs enjoy. McAdams is a brand that can be trusted.

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