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Working to create a better world for all animals

Our dry food is the only pet food
sourced from RSPCA Assured farms.

Farm animals shouldn’t have a bad life so our pets can live the good life.

Here at McAdams we are animal lovers. When we eat meat at home it’s only ever high welfare, and we want to encourage people who share our values to think about how their pets’ food is farmed, as well as their own.

99% of pet foods use dried meats and meals that are untraceable to source and where the welfare cannot be verified. That is why we are working with the RSPCA to create a better world for farm animals, as well as our pets.

Every bag of McAdams dry food sold in the UK helps us raise at least
for the RSPCA

* Every pack of McAdams Baked complete sold in the UK will raise funds to support the RSPCA’s vital work. We have pledged a minimum of £80,000 to the RSPCA in the first year of our partnership.

Gently cooked, high welfare chicken makes a healthier feast

We use only free range meats from RSPCA Assured farms in our baked range where animal welfare comes first.

We include New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel for healthy joints and Hand Cut Irish Kelp in all of our recipes, which are both excellent sources of antioxidants which can help prevent inflammatory responses in pets.