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More and more happy customers everyday!

From dogs that weren’t happy with their food, to dogs that had major digestive issues, McAdams has proven to be a real winner. We’ve just been blown away by the positive feedback we’ve been receiving. We can’t wait for you try it and see for yourself!



Thank you so much for my gift of delicious McAdam’s food. I’m loving my grub and Mum says I’m not bad for nine weeks.

Gracie Collingswood


George and Harry

George and Harry are a picture of health since starting McAdams a couple of months ago. They just love the fresh baked taste and I love the fact I am giving them the best, free-range, and balanced food using whole chicken.


Chrissie and Red

My miniature dachshund Red is a little fussy with his food, he ate Nutriment (raw food) when he was a puppy and seemed to really enjoy it at first. However, when he was about 10 months old he was really poorly and ended up at the vets on a drip due to dehydration. I had a very worrying time and I believe that he was affected by food. I made the decision following this to take him off raw food and find something that he really enjoyed. This has taken quite a few different foods: a quantity of which, ended up at the local dog rescue centre!

Red is now on McAdams and really enjoys it! I split the daily amount between his two meals – morning and evening – and that seems to work for him. His teatime food is getting earlier and earlier though, I think he wears a watch sometimes!


Nina and Buddy

After trying many dog foods finally we have found a winner!!! Clean bowl everytime!!! Thank you McAdams!

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