What our Customers say

From dogs that weren’t happy with their food, to dogs that had major digestive issues, McAdams has proven to be a real winner. Take a look at the stories below from our customers and see for yourself!

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Martha & Matilda

Just wanted to give you an update; we switched to McAdams just over 3 weeks ago. Our eldest, Martha, had some hair loss and scabbing on her back prior to switching food. Since switching to McAdams, it has 100% gone and all better. The higher meat content and removal of grains has done wonders for her skin & coat. Both our girls absolutely love McAdams, we are so happy that we have finally found the perfect food for them!! @marthaandmatilda_theminiatures



I thought I would try our Snowdrop on McAdams as we’ve tried every dog food, she is very fussy. My friend introduced me to McAdams, so far – she loves it!




Bear & Sharon

This is a photo of Bear who we adopted two years ago. After eating McAdams his coat is shinier and richer in colour and his coat is much healthier! Two years on and we are all still loving it. We can’t wait for our new addition to start the McAdams journey too.



Guess what came today. I am so excited as my premium food is made using whole British free range chicken, grain free and no meat meal – has just arrived!



We’ve just switched to your food and have noticed a massive difference over night! Trip’s stomach seems much happier and we aren’t getting any more funny (runny) tummies. Thanks for making a great product; we LOVE it! @mygreattrip