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What our Customers say

From dogs that weren’t happy with their food, to dogs that had major digestive issues, McAdams has proven to be a real winner. Take a look at the stories below from our customers and see for yourself!

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Porky & Choppy

Speaking as the humble servants for these two fuzzy Poodle boys, McAdams is literally the best dog food we have come across so far! Porky & Choppy are always excited for meal-time, and the quality of their doggy business are also healthier!! @porkchop_minipoo IG



We tried to do a lot of research before picking up Sessel, it’s hard to judge what is right for them. In this case it really paid off, Sessel LOVES it. It smells so good I could eat it myself, theres a big difference from our old food and it’s gone in minutes. I would highly recommend to any puppy or dog! @sesselsausage IG


Lush Labs

Last night the humans had roast chicken for supper… it was from British, DEFRA Approved farms. Thing is, so did we! Just ours came from McAdams!

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