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What our Customers say

From dogs that weren’t happy with their food, to dogs that had major digestive issues, McAdams has proven to be a real winner. Take a look at the stories below from our customers and see for yourself!

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Martha & Matilda

Just wanted to give you an update; we switched to McAdams just over 3 weeks ago. Our eldest, Martha, had some hair loss and scabbing on her back prior to switching food. Since switching to McAdams, it has 100% gone and all better. The higher meat content and removal of grains has done wonders for her skin & coat. Both our girls absolutely love McAdams, we are so happy that we have finally found the perfect food for them!! @marthaandmatilda_theminiatures



I have told mum not to send dad out again for my McAdams. I clearly heard mum say please can you pick up a big bag of McAdams for me and Thor. How long does dad think this box will last us?!



I thought I would try our Snowdrop on McAdams as we’ve tried every dog food, she is very fussy. My friend introduced me to McAdams, so far – she loves it!




Chantal & Skugga

McAdams food – providing great food and entertainment for the last three years from puppyhood to big boy – Skugga – chief box recycler aged 6 months to 2 3/4! Chantal & Skugga


Gigi & Zoffi

Gigi & Zoffi have been eating this for over two years now and never an upset tummy or not wanting to eat it no problems at all! Thank you to McAdams for a great product! Gigi & Zoffi

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