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Project Description

Here is Maddie (on the left) an Akita/American Mastiff cross & Cookie (on the right) is a Rottweiler/Staffordshire cross. Both rescues from Battersea.

They have had such a renewed vigour since we switched to McAdams. Maddie was losing muscle and weight at a rate of knots but this trend was reversed when she started on McAdams. Her fur is growing back much more quickly after an operation over 18 months ago and she has renewed energy to play with the third dog, and new addition to the clan – a rescue from Cyprus! I would not go back to their old food for all the tea in China. As you can see, they love having their snouts in the McAdams trough!!!

Great product, (you should thank the pet shop in Horsell Village near Woking in Surrey – their staff are very well trained in nutrition and their manager was the first to point me in your direction. Although it cost twice the price of the next best food, it is ten times the value!


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