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Project Description

Hi guys. I wanted to share some pics of Archie with you. As you can see it’s dinner time and it’s McAdams Salmon. We have to feed Archie from a raised bowl with slow down suction pad in it to slow him down even more. Archie has had so many problems keeping his food down and it’s damaged his asopagus. Since changing his food he hasn’t bought his food up once and he’s keeping his water down because his asopagus has had time to heal. He also has not had an attack of pancreatis and has stopped eating grass and I don’t know of this is the food or just we have now stopped all chicken pork and beef he’s not having his allergies flare up. For a beagle he is very tall so we have to watch his weight as it puts weight on his joints. He’s the best he’s ever been. We just wanted to share this with you because he’s so happy. He’s 6 this year and it’s been such a struggle with him being so poorly now he’s like a happy puppy. Thank you!

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