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Why we don’t use


Chicken meal is a cheap alternative to fresh chicken. It is made by boiling up the left over parts from the food process, separating the fats and the proteins, drying and crushing to create a powder used in most commercially available dog food. It is cheap, and high in protein, but we believe the proteins and amino acids from our whole free range chickens are more natural than that from processed powders not fit for human consumption.

Why we keep our food


The vast majority of dry pet foods contain grains such as wheat, corn or barley. Grains in dog foods have been linked to allergies including skin conditions and stomach upsets but, due to the fact that grains are cheap and ‘bulky’, dog food manufacturers continue to use them.

At McAdams we believe that it is important to feed dogs foods which best suit their digestive make up and which are most likely to keep them strong, supple and active.

We put our emphasis on canine health above cost and ease of production. For this reason McAdams recipes never have and never will contain grain of any kind.

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