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No meat meal and no grain

Only McAdams uses whole British free range chickens


What our Customers say

From dogs that weren’t happy with their food, to dogs that had major digestive issues, McAdams has proven to be a real winner. Take a look at the stories below from our customers and see for yourself!

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Ludo & Suzie

Food arrived this morning, thanks for making it so easy. Ludo very happy with his delivery as you can see the box is far bigger than he is but it won’t take him long to eat the contents!


Stanley & Jason

From 1st birth untill 1st birthday, the VET always says what a superb dog he is. Amazing; we say a lot of that is down to the fact he has from the start, and will always only eat McAdams. Your food makes our amazing dog very happy! Woof woof ❤



Only the BEST for me! This keeps me healthy and my coat soft & fluffy. @peanutchi



Growing up so well on my McAdams, I love all the flavours! @peanutdachsund



Protecting my favourite brand of food. We often get asked what food we eat; we would never stray from McAdams!


Luna, Vixen & Maria

My girls love this food! Yes, a little bit more expensive but I am able to feed both dogs (one who gains weight and one that loses weight) I can use the same food, but I adjust the quantity – great for joints and coat. My girls, Luna on the left is a rescue from Hungry she was starved and beaten when we got her, now a healthy & happy dog. Vixen on the right is a princess and enjoys the finer things in life. They love your food and it’s never wasted!

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